Soul Effects March 29th Weekend Savings

Fabulous springtime deals await you this weekend at our main store, which you surely will not want to miss.  Be sure to visit us.

This weekend we are featuring as our Simply The Best offerings these three wonderful ways to decorate your outdoors.  All 50% off our regular prices.

Sale Price: L$75  Regular Price:  L$150

Sale Price: L$75  *  Regular Price: L$150

Sale Price: L$75   Regular Price:  L$150

Sale Price: L$75 *  Regular Price: L$150

Sale Price L$129   *   Regular Price L$299

Sale Price L$129  *  Regular Price L$299

**♥**♥*•.¸♥¸.•*♥**♥** **♥**♥*•.¸♥¸.•*♥**♥**

And be sure not to miss out on this weekend’s 30L Saturday specials!!

-SE- Mosaic floating heart - Copy - Full Set-SE- White Vintage FlowersPIC copy-SE- Dual Summer Tree-SE- Ironing Chore

Exciting New Springtime Releases

Excitement is blooming at Soul Effects, which harkens in the arrival of Spring with an amazing, colorful array of flowering fields.  We can think of no better way to decorate your home or village than with one or more of these one-prim delights.  Each one is modifiable, copiable(!), and now on display and available at our main store.  A terrific buy at only L$150!

-SE- Field of Lavender - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Mixed Pastel Field - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Pink Daisy Field - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Pink Gerbera Field - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Spring Buttercup Field - Spring Collection 2014-SE- Spring Daisy Mix 3- Spring Collection 2014-SE- Spring Collection - Mixed Pansy Field - 2014 -SE- Spring Collection - Mixed Gerbera 2014-SE- Spring Mix  2 - Pastels Field - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Spring Mix Field - Spring Collection 2014 -SE- Spring Whispers Field - Spring Collection 2014Then after a relaxing day outdoors in your garden enjoying and smelling the fragrance of your new flowers, glance up at the night sky and marvel at our new off-sim Aurora Lights!  Just the thing to end a perfect day.

-SE- Aurora Lights - 2014

Soul Effects March 22nd Weekend Deals

Soul Effects welcomes the first weekend of Spring with exciting new releases — Aurora Lights and two gorgeous flowering fields, all on sale as our Simply The Best featured offerings.

Be sure to visit our mainstore for these and our My 60L Secret and 30L specials.

-SE- Aurora Lights - 2014

-SE- Mixed Pansy Field-SE- Mixed Gerbera Field

Be sure not to miss out on our My 60L Secret specials!
se-waves-pack se-tropical-flowers-fat-packpic

And of course, there is always the not-to-be-missed 30L special items!-SE-Foxglove - Blues

Soul Effects March 8th Weekend Deals

The weekend is here, and it is time once again to check out the fantastic special savings on a variety of wonderful items for your home and garden.  We are featuring this weekend our Simply The Best specials, including the fully animated greenhouse, and 30L and Gorean Whip specials.

Simply The Best Specials

-SE- Bucket of Multi-Colored Tuberose -SE- Greenhouse -SE- Bucket of Purple Bell FlowersCheck Out These Incredible 30L Deals

-SE- Blooming Orb Fountain -SE- Black Fairy FlowersPIC -SE- Gorean Yellow Sa-TarnaPIC -SE- Carrying a basket of Flowers -SE- Picking Daisies ChorePICAnd for the Whip Radio Customers we are offering our popular Dance Pavilion.  Fully Stocked, with cushions, curtains, rugs, serving cart, lady’s chaise, and more.  Now only 199. Normally 750L!

-SE- Dance Pavilion with AccessoriesPIC

Soul Effects Valentine’s Day Weekend Sales

Wonderful items await you on this Valentine’s Day Weekend.  30L Specials, as always, plus My60LSecret sale items and Whip Radio deals!  Plus, two incredible slave chore HUD’s, packed with animations and reduced from 1800L to just 299L!    Sale begins today, February 14th.  Be sure to visit our main store.

Let’s begin with our terrific 30L sales.  Some very popular items greatly reduced!

-SE- Fairy Habitat - two styles

vulo coop

-SE- Dual Summer Tree-SE- Cherry Tree wBenchThis weekend’s Simply The Best sale items feature two chore HUD’s, which are packed with chores you can rezz anywhere, just by clicking on your HUD! – This week only 299L!! Original Price 1800L !!-SE- Chore Hud - Kitchen Edition -SE- Chore Hud - 7 Chores Misc

And as if that was not enough, we have these wonderful STB items for your garden at just 49L!-SE- Flower Field - With Flying Butterflies_001-SE- Field of Yellow Wild FlowersPIC

-SE- Hollyhocks Field - BluePIC copyAnd be sure not to miss out on this weekend’s selection of MYSecret60L sale specials.-SE- Stop and Smell the Daisies - Mesh Field -SE- Field of Wild Flowers - Red-SE- Set of 3 Mesh Daisy FieldsConcluding this amazing weekend of savings don’t forget the terrific Whip Radio Deals.  Each only 25L!-SE- Gorean Talendar FieldPIC -SE- Gorean Lavender GrassPIC -SE- Gorean Festal ShrubPIC


Soul Effects February 7th Weekend Deals

So much excitement, as always, at Soul Effects starting with a brand new Hunt at our Cookie Jar Store, beginning tomorrow, featuring our Adorable Mosaic Floating Hearts candles and a Field of Red Wildflowers, each only 1L.  So be sure to visit both stories!

-SE- Mosaic floating heart - Copy -SE- Field of Wild Flowers - RedThen don’t miss out checking our our Simply The Best Specials, our romantic Gazebo Dinner Set and out very popular Outdoor Pergola Dining Set.

Romantic Gazebo Dinner Set -SE- Outdoor Dining Set - PergolaAs if not enough, we have our Whip Radio Special Deal, the SE Full Laundry Set with 3 chores.  Normally 500L, but now only 149L!!

-SE- Full Laundry SetThen concluding this wonderful weekend there are the My60L Deals that absolutely cannot be missed:

Assorted Red Flowers -SE- Outdoor Patio setPIC -SE- Animated Garden 2013