Soul Effects March 8th Weekend Deals

The weekend is here, and it is time once again to check out the fantastic special savings on a variety of wonderful items for your home and garden.  We are featuring this weekend our Simply The Best specials, including the fully animated greenhouse, and 30L and Gorean Whip specials.

Simply The Best Specials

-SE- Bucket of Multi-Colored Tuberose -SE- Greenhouse -SE- Bucket of Purple Bell FlowersCheck Out These Incredible 30L Deals

-SE- Blooming Orb Fountain -SE- Black Fairy FlowersPIC -SE- Gorean Yellow Sa-TarnaPIC -SE- Carrying a basket of Flowers -SE- Picking Daisies ChorePICAnd for the Whip Radio Customers we are offering our popular Dance Pavilion.  Fully Stocked, with cushions, curtains, rugs, serving cart, lady’s chaise, and more.  Now only 199. Normally 750L!

-SE- Dance Pavilion with AccessoriesPIC


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