Soul Effects May 24, 2014 Weekend Specials

Soul Effects is featuring incredible L$30 bargains this holiday weekend that simply cannot be missed.  Visit our mainstore to see all these fantastic items.

We are featuring four gorgeous flowering fields, each only L$30!  We cannot think of a more beautiful way to decorate your home.

-SE- MultiColor Brush Field- Summer 2014 Collection -SE- Blue Star Field - Summer 2014 Collection -SE- Wild Dandelion Field - Summer 2014 Collection -SE- Lavender Brush Field- Summer 2014 CollectionAnd our entire selection of indoor Gorean slave chores are marked down to just L$30, an unbelievable savings.-SE- All Indoor Chores 30L!

Here is just a sampling of the fun-filled chores:{GS} Daily Chore SewingPIC {GS} Daily Chore Sweep the FloorPIC {GS} Daily Chore Wash the Dishes



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