Soul Effects Valentine’s Day Weekend Sales

Wonderful items await you on this Valentine’s Day Weekend.  30L Specials, as always, plus My60LSecret sale items and Whip Radio deals!  Plus, two incredible slave chore HUD’s, packed with animations and reduced from 1800L to just 299L!    Sale begins today, February 14th.  Be sure to visit our main store.

Let’s begin with our terrific 30L sales.  Some very popular items greatly reduced!

-SE- Fairy Habitat - two styles

vulo coop

-SE- Dual Summer Tree-SE- Cherry Tree wBenchThis weekend’s Simply The Best sale items feature two chore HUD’s, which are packed with chores you can rezz anywhere, just by clicking on your HUD! – This week only 299L!! Original Price 1800L !!-SE- Chore Hud - Kitchen Edition -SE- Chore Hud - 7 Chores Misc

And as if that was not enough, we have these wonderful STB items for your garden at just 49L!-SE- Flower Field - With Flying Butterflies_001-SE- Field of Yellow Wild FlowersPIC

-SE- Hollyhocks Field - BluePIC copyAnd be sure not to miss out on this weekend’s selection of MYSecret60L sale specials.-SE- Stop and Smell the Daisies - Mesh Field -SE- Field of Wild Flowers - Red-SE- Set of 3 Mesh Daisy FieldsConcluding this amazing weekend of savings don’t forget the terrific Whip Radio Deals.  Each only 25L!-SE- Gorean Talendar FieldPIC -SE- Gorean Lavender GrassPIC -SE- Gorean Festal ShrubPIC



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