Soul Effects February 7th Weekend Deals

So much excitement, as always, at Soul Effects starting with a brand new Hunt at our Cookie Jar Store, beginning tomorrow, featuring our Adorable Mosaic Floating Hearts candles and a Field of Red Wildflowers, each only 1L.  So be sure to visit both stories!

-SE- Mosaic floating heart - Copy -SE- Field of Wild Flowers - RedThen don’t miss out checking our our Simply The Best Specials, our romantic Gazebo Dinner Set and out very popular Outdoor Pergola Dining Set.

Romantic Gazebo Dinner Set -SE- Outdoor Dining Set - PergolaAs if not enough, we have our Whip Radio Special Deal, the SE Full Laundry Set with 3 chores.  Normally 500L, but now only 149L!!

-SE- Full Laundry SetThen concluding this wonderful weekend there are the My60L Deals that absolutely cannot be missed:

Assorted Red Flowers -SE- Outdoor Patio setPIC -SE- Animated Garden 2013


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