August 16th Weekend at Soul Effects

There’s lots to see and tremendous savings this weekend at Soul Effects, everything from assorted flowers, our ever so popular Animated Lady Bug Field and the new Animated Pond.  And of course 30L specials!

This weekend we start with our Assorted Red Flowers, includes 14 one-prim flowers.  Only 88L!

Assorted Red Flowers

And once more we are featuring our ever-so-popular Lady Bug Field with two adorable animations still at the Introductory Price of only 99L!

-SE- Animated Lady Bug Field AD B copy
-SE- Animated Lady Bug Field copy

Also, our amazing Animated Pond is still on sale.  This awesome Pond is fully loaded with all you need for a romantic day at the pond, or simply a relaxing day alone, or even a party!  Picnic Blanket, Tire Swing, Bench, Bridge with Animations, and so much more! It includes all landscaping pictured, trees, flowers, lilies, and more!  It has been so popular that we are giving it one more week!  Only 499L!!

-SE- Animated Pond-5 -SE- Animated Pond-3 -SE- Animated Pond -2 -SE- Animated Pond-4 -SE- Animated Pond

Plus, 50-75% Off on the Outdoor Dining Set and Animated Gardening Table!

-SE- Outdoor Dining Set - Pergola -SE- Animated Gardening Table


And, of course, there’s exciting 30L Special Round items all weekend!

Puffy Flowers

Puffy Flowers

White Vintage Flowers

White Vintage Flowers

Red Vintage Flowers

Red Vintage Flowers
Blue Home Stone

Blue Home Stone






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