Soul Effects July 26th Weekend Sales

Another weekend of amazing, can’t miss sales at Soul Effects, starting with a STB featured Dance Pavilion for only L$125, plus L$30 specials and the Flowers Frenzy at the Designer Warehouse at the Cookie Jar., and so much more!  There’s so much to see — and save!!

We kickoff this week with our Soul Effects Dance Pavilion, complete with accessories — rugs, dance vases, cushions, and much more, normally selling for L$499, but on sale for L$125!!

Dance Pavillion

Dance Pavilion

And of course, there are as always our L$30 specials, this weekend a wild flower medley, red poppies and daises, fishing pier, and a couples raft.

-SE- Wild Flower Medley - BluePIC copy -SE- Red Poppies and DaisiesPIC copy

-SE- Fishing Pier  - BoxedPIC

-SE- Couples RaftPIC

We are also at the Designer Warehouse at the Cookie Jar, where we are having a Flower Frenzy, featuring an exclusive Field of Foxglove for only L$50, plus many more flowering fields for L$75.

-SE- Field of Foxglove

As if this was not enough, Soul Effects is running an exclusive Cookie Jar sale that will run for one week.  We especially picked out some of our best selling products and slashed them all 60-70% off!!  We  hope you enjoy them all!!!  You will find many amazing deals, such as our Full Laundry set for only L$175 (normally L$499), an Off-Sim Waterfall for just L$75, a fully-stocked Black & White Gazebo for only L$100, and OMGOSH a Party Gazebo including a  champagne set for an incredible L$75!!

-SE- Full Laundry Set Off Sim Waterfall - 5-2013 black and white gazebo -SE - Party Gazebo


Be sure not to miss out and visit our Main Store plus the Designer Warehouse at the Cookie Jar this weekend.


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