Soul Effects Weekend Sale, staring June 21

For this weekend’s specials we begin with the perfect addition for your yard or rolling hillside, our mesh Gazebo with an animated swing.  Five animations to chose from.  This is a Simply The Best special that we are offering for only L$99.

-SE- Gazebo w_swing

Gazebo with Swing

And there’s more exciting news.  We are participating in the Midsummer’s Dream Fair, where we are offering loads of popular items at prices marked down 60 to 75%, including some huge sets such as the Full Laundry Set for only L$100.  It includes washing, rinsing, hanging, and ironing animations.  Just the thing to keep a kajira occupied and out of trouble.  Be sure to visit us at

SE Full Laundry Set

Soul Effects Full Laundry Set

Then after she is finished you may wish to take her over to relax with you at the fully stocked Soul Effects Pergola, featuring mattresses with couples animations and pillows with singles animations, plus swings with five animations.  This too is on sale at the Fair for L$100.

Soul Effects Pergola with Animations

Soul Effects Pergola with Animations

We are also featuring another Midsummer’s Dream Fair special — our outdoor patio set, which is packed with everything from patio curtains, an animated day bed, and much more.  It’s on sale for only L$150.

Soul Effects Outdoor Patio Set

Soul Effects Outdoor Patio Set

And, of course, our weekend sale would not be complete without our L$30 Specials.  This week we’re featuring the off-sim  Three Moons of Gor and Wishing Well with a donation script and flowers.

-SE- 3 Moons - Off Sim

Three Moons of Gor

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

There’s also still time to visit our Retirement Store.  There’s tons of new goodies there for only L$25 or under!! Once they are gone, they are gone for good. New items JUST put out this morning!

And also be sure to visit out Main Store for more great deals and an amazing array of wonderful products for your home and garden at


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