Because they were such great sellers last week, we are adding two more flowering fields to our Simply The Best specials this week, each only L$110 — that’s more than a 70% savings!  Now’s the time to plant with such terrific savings.  Don’t miss out.

Soul Effects 40x20 Field - White DaisiesPIC

White Daisy Field

-SE- 40x20 Field - Yellow Wild FlowersPIC

Rolling Field of Flowers

-SE- Pack of Flowering Yellow Wild FlowersPIC

Flowering Dandelions Blowing in the Wind

-SE- Pack of Flowering Blue BellsPIC

Pack of Flowering Blue Bells

And of course, what would be a weekend sale without out L$30 specials.  Kicking it off this week is our magical Fairy Habitat Tree.  It comes with lanterns and flowers — in two different styles.

-SE- Fairy Habitat - two styles

Fairy Habitat Tree

Or how about a lovely Spring Bench to relax on these coming summer days?  It features  two animations and two different sets of flowers.

Spring Bench with Daisies

Spring Bench with Daisies

And what better way to accompany our Spring Bench than with some vibrant Forget-Me-Nots. The full set for only L$30!



Finally, for those days you want to relax  and sip some deep, dark Black Wine, we are offering our Black Wine Serving Set as well for only L$30 — 70% off our regular price!

Black Wine Serving Set

Black Wine Serving Set

Be sure to drop by our main store to see for yourself all these fabulous items, as well as all our other exciting products for your home and garden.


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