May 24-27 Holiday Weekend Sale

There’s a lot going on at Soul Effects this weekend, a brand new Gardening Table at a special, one-time only price, the amazing Hedge Garden, and many other sale items.  And don’t forget our contest!  Any purchase until June 8th automatically enters you and gives you a chance to win the Hedge Garden.

Don’t miss out!!  Be sure to visit our main store this weekend.

Just Released!
Animated Gardening Table

-SE- Animated Gardening Table

You have to see it to believe it.  Soul Effects’ brand new Gardening Table has three different animations — potting, seeding, and watering — plus the attachments that are packed in the tool box.  Normally selling for L$275, we are offering a one-time discount for this weekend only at the STB group price of L$100!  Come on over and try it out.

Gardening Table Animations

Plus, we have all these beautiful planters and flowers for your garden on sale this weekend for only L$30!!!!  Your chance to do your spring planting and save.

-SE- Weathered Gray Planter -SE- Weathered Blue Planter -SE- Weathered White Planter -SE- Weathered Moss Planter

-SE-Grass Field Dusk - and other colors -SE- Gorean Lavender GrassPIC

And of course, if your slave is not too weary after planting these, you can get her the vulo dinner tray, for the special weekend price of L$30.

-SE- Vulo Tray

And don’t forget the new Hedge Garden.  The 64 x 30 tiled stone base comes complete with five fountains, swing, gazebo, lovers’ bench, flowers, couple animations, flowered urns, and park benches.

New Hedge Garden

Or, if you wish, or don’t have the room, you can purchase Hedge Garden’s items separately.

Gazebo for Hedge Garden Hedge Garden Accessories- Vases Hedge Garden Accessories Fountain for Hedge Garden

And remember ANY purchase ’till June 8th at the main store  puts you in the line to win the huge and amazing new Hedge Garden!!  A L$2500 Value!!


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