May 18th Weekend Sales and Contest

Exciting news this weekend at Soul Effects.  Amazing items for your garden and also three domestic chores, all dramatically marked down!!  And to top it all off, a contest where you can win the new Hedge Garden, a L$2500 value!  Check them all out below and be sure to visit our main store and find these and so many other exciting products.

Don’t miss it!

Simply The Best specials. On sale all week long!

-SE- Pagoda

Soul Effects Pagoda.  Includes accessories.
Marked down to L$100!

-SE- Tropical CavePIC copy

Tropical Cave. Includes plants, trees, waterfall and animations.
This week only L$150 (reduced from L$750

-SE- Flower Field - With Flying Butterflies_001

Mixed Flower Field with flying butterflies.
Only L$50!

50% Off the following items.  This Weekend Only.

-SE- Pergola - Fully Stocked

Soul Effects Pergola with swings, daybed,
and animations. Only L$200!

-SE- Hedge Garden - Flowers and Fountain

Hedge Garden with fountain and flowers.
Only L$175!

And don’t miss out on these L$30 specials.  Saturday and Sunday only.

-SE- Party Gazebo {GS} Daily Chore Wash the Dishes {GS} Butcher's Block {GS} Daily Chore Butter ChurnPIC -SE- Field of Blue Bell


Soul Effects’  latest release is the new Hedge Garden.  Normally to sell for L$2,500, the special introductory price is only L$1,000, but that lasts for this week only.  So hurry.  It includes many accessories and exciting features — 5 five fountains, gazebo, swing, lovers’ bench and much more.  You can also enter our contest to win it!

New Hedge Garden

You can also purchase the Hedge Garden’s accessories separately.  Come visit our store to check out their low prices.

Gazebo for Hedge Garden Hedge Garden Accessories- Vases Lover's Bench Fountain for Hedge Garden

Hedge Garden Accessories

Finally, you can win the complete Hedge Garden, a L$2,500 value, in our contest.  It’s simple and easy.  Here is how it works:

Prize – The new 60×30 Hedge Garden with all accessories!  A 2500L value.
How? Every time you shop at Soul Effects you get entered.
Under 100L = 1 entry
100-500L = 2 entries
500-1000L = 3 Entries
1000Lor higher = 4 entries
Dates May 16th – June 8th
Winner Announced on June 9th


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